School bus

The other day I was watching a bus coming in to the Suva bus terminal full of students of a Suva school, they were rocking the bus and with their movement and behaviour caused the bus to sway as it stopped at the terminal.

I believe the bus drivers themselves contribute to such an ordeal by turning the music loud and this gets the children going because I believe the children will only pick buses with loud music. The drivers, when approaching the bus stops with lots of children, they start to increase the volume of music to draw the children’s attention.

So I believe this problem is partly the drivers’ fault at some stage but the matter of fact is, I believe some schoolchildren’s behaviour is becoming more rowdy, disrespectful and most of all, just being naughty.

I believe the teachers’ presence will not help but with police presence along the road, this might help in some way.

I believe this behaviour leads to brawls at some stage but hopefully, a solution would be in place in the future. It will be a task for teachers, parents, bus companies and the police to put their heads together and find a solution to this behaviour.

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