School awards Police officer

Update: 2:19PM A POLICE officer from the Nakasi Police Station was recognised at a school’s prize-giving ceremony, a gesture of acknowledgment for being a loyal and trusted member of the school fraternity.

SC Maikeli Masivou was awarded by students and staff of Bhawani Dayal Primary School with a plaque of appreciation last Wednesday.

Year 8 teacher Lognadan Goundan said SC Masivou had built such a close bond with the students and teachers that he was not referred to as the Police officer but simply as Maikeli who had become a friend.

“Our students respected him because he considered his job to be more than just having to be here for traffic duties and he took the time to know the students to the point that if a car pulled up, he would instantly know which child had to be called and that is what we have learned to love about Maikeli,” Mr Goundan said.

“To the teachers, he is one of us and that is why we had asked him to be part of the prize giving as he helped nurture and keep our students safe during the busy hours of the morning and after school.

 “He has become a part of our family and that is why under the pretext of being part of the Prize Giving ceremony we also thought to surprise him with the award as we are truly grateful for his dedication to the students of Bhawani Dayal Primary and Secondary School.”

SC Masivou said he was surprised to hear his name being called for the award adding he did not expect to be acknowledged for a work he was required to conduct.

“These students are just like my own children and their safety is a priority when I am posted here for school patrol duties,” the Waidina, Naitasiri, man said.

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