School aims high

Students of Sawau District School. Picture: MATILDA SIMMONS

THE quaint scene at Sawau District School located at Dakuibeqa Village, Beqa Island could almost cast a spell on any visitor who visits the a pristine hideaway.

Surrounded by mountain ranges and green forest, one could almost be struck with envy at the beautiful views the children and teachers get to enjoy daily.

The school has a roll of 80 students from kindergarten to Year 8.

Assistant headteacher, Rupeni Salusalu says some of the children come from nearby villages on the island who board at dormitories near the school.

“We always endeavour to give the best to our children. Because of the small number of children — we hold composite classes.”

The school had just marked the Early Childhood Education day.

According to kindergarten teacher Ateca Raivukici, they have two five-year-olds from nearby villages who are boarding with them.

“These two children sleep with the women who cook for the boarders. They have the best place in the kitchen as it’s the warmest given the cold chilly nights we’ve been having,” she said with a smile.

Ms Raivukici is on to her third year of teaching on the island.

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