Scholarships for 20 students

LABASA business tycoon Charan Jeath Singh has awarded northern students $10,000 worth of scholarships to pursue studies at the newly opened Pacific TAFE institution (under the University of the South Pacific) in Labasa.

Mr Singh said the gift would be for students who belonged to poor families.

“This scholarship is in memory of my dad, the late Gurbachan Singh and it is part of the Gurbachan Singh Memorial Trust,” he said.

“Its purpose is to support very poor students who have the drive to achieve academic excellence but are unable to do so due to lack of financial support.

“A total of 20 students will be awarded a sum of $500 each per year and virtually every candidate will demonstrate evidence of intellect and hard work.”

Mr Singh said students applying for this grant would have to keep in mind that the selection committee would look for evidence of background.

“The selection committee of USP will look for evidence of leadership, moral integrity and intellectual independence in the application,” he said.

“Successful candidates will be those students who can ‘walk the talk’ and can demonstrate ongoing pursuit of their stated ideals and goals both in the classroom and their activities on and off campus.”

Mr Singh said it was time for his company to reach out and help the disadvantaged families who wanted to educate their children but were affected by financial hardships.

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