SC Fiji: It’s important to listen to children

Participants at the Save the Children Fiji’s workshop at the Latter Day Saints college in Tamavua, Suva. Picture: ATU RASEA

ABOUT 40 children are attending a three-day workshop focused on bringing to the forefront their voices on the Natural Disaster Management Act.
Save the Children Fiji’s (SC Fiji) Child-Centered Disaster Risk Reduction Project (CDRR) is hosting the Children’s Consultation Workshop on the Natural Disaster Management Act at the Latter Day Saints College in Suva.
SC Fiji CCRR project manager Kirsi Peltola said the workshop gave children from informal settlements and other areas around Suva an opportunity to share their thoughts on issues that affected their livelihood and security.
“Often, it’s the adults who make the decisions and lead the discussions. But actually, children do have a lot of ideas, energy, and thoughts of their own. It’s really important as future leaders that we should be listening to them,” Ms Peltola said.
The workshop also has members of the CDRR project’s disaster risk reduction (DRR) clubs and SC Fiji’s child-led initiative, Kids Link Fiji (KLF) in attendance.
Similar workshops will be held for children in the Western and Northern divisions during the May and August school holidays, respectively.
The Suva workshop ends tomorrow.

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