SBU not affected by mini-marts closure

THE closure of mini-marts owned and run by the Fiji Corrections Service (FCS) has not affected the operation of its small business nit (SBU).

Officially opened in 2015, the Vaturekuka mini-mart and outlets in Naboro, Korovou and Natabua ceased operations in 2016.

In a statement in 2016, FCS Commissioner Francis Kean said he did not wish to make a comment on the issue since the matter was before the courts.

The business venture was implemented by the then commissioner Ifereimi Vasu, as part of moves to make correctional facilities self-sufficient.

A statement from the FCS maintained the success of its SBU, which was operating under the Trade and Manufacturing Account in the Naboro complex.

The statement said in January this year the FCS handed over more than $500,000 to the Ministry of Economy, the funds generated from the SBU’s annual output for last year.

Mr Kean said the payment was the third made since the inception of its Trading and Manufacturing Account in 2009. He revealed that in 2015, the services returned $103,384.56 to Government and in 2016 the figures doubled to $358,160.23 despite the revised shortened financial year from 12 to six months.

Meanwhile, the six SBUs consists of the tailor unit, joinery, poultry, farms and piggery playing a key role in the FCS rehabilitative efforts to transform those under their care.

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