Say no to drugs

STUDENTS of Holy Trinity Anglican Kindergarten turned up to school in their red attire yesterday to commemorate Drug Awareness Week.

Throughout the week, 146 children of the Suva school were taught the types of legal and illegal drugs that were consumed in the country as well as its side effects.

Kindergarten teacher Ansu Sami said even though the school commemorated the event a week late, it was crucial for the children to be aware of how drugs affected the communities, families and individuals.

“It is very important to teach these children about drugs because they are still at that developing stage and the earlier they know about drugs, the better awareness they can create as they move on from here,” she said.

“These children are very advanced because they can differentiate between good drugs and bad drugs. When we asked them what happens when a person takes marijuana, one of them responded ‘their eyes will be red’. These kids know a lot for their age group.”

Mrs Sami said the children carried out activities such as making posters, picture collages and hand paintings.

She said the school does its best to observe events similar to Drug Awareness Week to equip children with the knowledge they needed to talk about real life issues.

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