Sau’s family bond

Eroni Sau with his wife Luisa and his two kids Esther and Grace Sau. Picture: SUPPLIED

THE 2017/2018 HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series Rookie of the Year Eroni Sau is backed by a strong family support system which enables him to come up with some blockbusting and scintillating performances in the series.

His wife, Luisa Sau said her husband was completely a different person as a father and a husband and he only knew about the nation when he entered the field of play.

“Whenever he used to go for national duties overseas he would never want the children to come to the airport because he does not want to see them cry,” Luisa said.

“We are happy that he had won because he is doing everything for us.

“I used to always tell him to humble himself in front of everyone and God will lift him up.

“He had a hard upbringing with a lot of struggles in his career and never forgot the people who were there to help him.”

Sau, 28, also known as ‘The Sledgehammer’ had scored 37 tries in the 58 matches he played for Fiji.

Luisa said their children Esther and Grace were the pillar of support in his 7s career.

“What he has achieved does not happen to most of the players so I am happy for his achievements. He is really blessed to be given the Rookie of the Year award.

“He is a different person on and off the field. When he is at home with the children he is a very humble and a quiet person.

“The people who would know him personally would know that he is a very quiet person.

“It is humbling for him to be given the Rookie of the Year title after he had been trying for a number of years since he was in Ben Ryan’s training squad. To win the award is a big achievement.

Meanwhile, Sau was also named in the 2017/2018 series dream team.

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