Saneem asked to take action

Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem. Picture: FT FILE

The FijiFirst party has asked Supervisor of Elections (SOE) Mohammed Saneem to take appropriate action against the Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) for allegedly contravening Sections 116(4C) and (4D) of the Electoral Act.

Under Section 116(4C) and (40), all political parties and candidates including those acting on their behalf who make campaign promises which include financial commitments, during the campaign period, to immediately provide a written statement and explain in detail how those promises would be financially realised.

“This allows for voters to better understand the policies proposed by political parties and candidates, the financial impact of the policies and put simply, how much the implementation of those policies would cost,” Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said in the letter.

“To date, SODELPA has not explained how revenue for the financial commitment is to be raised, how expenditure for this financial commitment is to be made, how expenditure is to be allocated to different sectors and budget sector agencies and if expenditure exceeds revenue, how the deficit is to be financed.

“SODELPA has not provided disclosure in respect of its proposed expenditure and therefore has not met the requirements under the Act.

“We ask that you (SOE) look into this matter and take appropriate action.”

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