Sandalwood industry revival

COMMUNITIES should plant sandalwood for the future security of their younger generation, says Minister for Forests Osea Naiqamu.

And he has also called on Bua Province to revive the sandalwood industry, something that it was once known for.

In a meeting with villagers of Galoa Island in Bua, Mr Naiqamu said the sandalwood industry had great potential.

“It generates a high income even though it takes many years to mature. But when you harvest the sandalwood farm, it will enable you to cater for your children’s tertiary education expenses,” he said.

“It is a good investment and I think parents and villages should plant sandalwood as it provides a very good platform for financial support.”

Mr Naiqamu also urged village and provincial leaders to lead their people into this project as his ministry would support with seedlings.

He said sandalwood was the most expensive wood.

“It is in great demand and sandalwood is being used in a lot of expensive products around the world so the demand will remain,” he said.

Last week, villagers of Udu district planted 800 sandalwood seedlings for their future generation.

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