Samoa declares drought

APIA – Samoa’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MNRE) has declared what it calls a “metrological drought,” calling on members of the public to conserve water.

The declaration was made in a statement issued by the Samoa Meteorology Division during the weekend.

The warning follows an equally important warning from the Fire and Emergency Services Authority asking members of the public to be extremely careful given the continuing dry conditions that could lead to forest fires.

Some rainfall fell on Saturday and Sunday but it was nowhere near enough.

“In light of this, the public is advised to conserve, store and manage water in a sustainable manner. It is also highly recommended for the public to refrain from open burning of rubbish in grass or forest areas during this time”

In a statement, MNRE said there has been a lack of decent rainfall over certain areas in the country. These areas include the central and south east of Upolu and east Savai’i.

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