Samoa business unhappy about extra public holiday

Photo: 123RF

The Samoa Chamber of Commerce is not happy with the government introducing what it’s labelled ‘ad hoc public holidays’ and says they’ll gravely impact business.

The chamber’s president, Jennifer Ula Fruean, has written to the government after an extra day’s holiday was announced for Independence Day celebrations this year.

She said 14 days public holiday would have “grave impacts on all businesses” including cash flow challenges due to suddenly removing a trading day.

The chamber said in the government’s published list of holidays, 11 days were planned this year which was on a par with neighbouring countries.

The three extra days announced include a day for a state funeral, an additional day for Easter, and an additional day for Independence.

“This number of Public Holidays in any one calendar year will stifle productivity and places in jeopardy the investments of business owners, employers and investors.

“This in turn leaves the employment of staff at risk,” the chamber warned.

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