‘Salute to a mother’s love’

An elderly Chinese woman who was found guilty of killing her disabled son because she was afraid he would have a tough life after she died has received an unusually compassionate response from the courts and on social media.

The 83-year-old named Huang was found guilty in October of manslaughter over the death of her 46-year-old son, Li Mouyi.

Huang, from Guangzhou, north-west of Hong Kong, said she killed her son because of her fear that no one would care for him after she died. A Chinese court heard that about 2pm on May 9, 2017, Huang fed her son 60 sleeping pills, covered his face with a cotton pad, and used a scarf to strangle him to death.

She handed herself in to police the same day. Huang was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment with a suspended period of four years.

In their verdict, the court took pity on Huang’s predicament.

The head judge in the case, Wan Yunfeng, said the elderly mother deserved mercy even though she broke the law.

According to Chinese media, Huang applied for retirement when she was 47 and had been looking after her son in the years since.

Li Mouyi was entitled to a disability allowance and eligible for admission to a welfare house, however, Huang refused the care because she was afraid they could not offer the best support.

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