Salman and Ranbir’s dodging game

With Race 3 hitting the theatres before Sanju in June, both Salman Khan and Ranbir Kapoor were pretty excited to promote their films during the IPL final.

But promoting the film at the same time would mean greeting each other in public. That is what the two have been avoiding.

They have issued strict warnings to both, the organisers as well as their respective teams that they should not get into an uncomfortable scene of facing each other during the promotions.

“The organisers had clear instructions from Salman’s team that Ranbir should nowhere be seen when Salman comes. Ranbir too had issued directions that he wanted to come when it was easy for him. Recently they even abstained any face-to-face encounter at Sonam Kapoor’s wedding and made sure that they avoided each other. It is indeed tough not just for organisers but for their respective teams as well, as they need to keep an eye open all the time for such things,” says a source.

But this is not the only time that the respective teams have had to keep a lookout. “It has been happening for a while. They do not want to face each other, especially when the media is around and pictures of them ignoring each other will be clicked. It doesn’t go well with the image,” says the source.

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