Sale is still on

LOOKING for a car but don’t know where to go? Rest assured and look no further because Sakura Carz is still having their Mother’s Day sale where prices on all vehicles are reduced.

They are also giving away low discounts and amazing deals on vehicles and you wouldn’t want to walk away. The company boasts a wide range of assorted quality vehicles from Japan. From friendly customer service, to easy financial assistance process with less paperwork, you are guaranteed to leave with a smile on your face.

In terms of getting car loans from finance companies and banks, the company hasn’t noticed any changes.

Getting a car loan is still as easy as it was last year as it is this year at Sakura Carz and customers don’t have to be worried.

Here are a few offers buyers can take advantage at Sakura Carz:

  • Buyers can make a deposit from 10 per cent and this is dependent on their net monthly wages;
  • Those who have a lower wage would have to make a slightly higher deposit;
  • Buyers can also make a joint application either with their siblings,partner or even parents etc; and
  • Banks also have maintained the interest’s rates from last year on bad surprises in terms of payment. The Christmas promotion will last while stocks last.

Those who would like to buy a second-hand car, need to get an ID, TIN, recent payslip and recent written bank statement.

For people living outside of Suva who are interested to contact Sakura, they can always email them through sakuraviti@ gmail. com.

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