Safety standards vital

THE most prominent obligation for the Goverment is to ensure that safety standards are applied and competent inspectors or surveyors carry out inspections with diligence and professionalism.

The Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji chief executive officer, John Tunidau, highlighted this at the opening of a workshop on ship design, ship evaluation and ship survey in Suva this week.

“The essence of this workshop is to assist Fiji and her neighbouring flag state’s administrators to improve the ability of their inspectors to efficiently implement applicable international and national ship safety, ship design, ship valuation and ship uurvey standards as part of their flag state implementation responsibilities,” he said.

“Jurisdiction over a ship in connection to its nationality requires certain obligations and responsibilities that are to be fulfilled by the state which entitles the ship to carry its national flag.

“In order to ensure that appropriate laws are effectively enforced on board ships on the high seas and in coastal waters of one’s state, international and national laws provide for exercise of flag state implementation and port state control inspections.”

Maritime experts are expected to undergo an intense learning experience as well as use the opportunity to network with their maritime administration colleagues from the region during the three-day workshop.

The workshop, which was facilitated by the Japan International Co-operation Agency, was hosted by MSAF.

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