Safety at sea awareness

The participants during the awareness outreach training workshop. Picture: MINISTRY OF YOUTH AND SPORTS

THIS year one of the main issues discussed during the World Maritime Day celebration was the importance of safety at sea.

The Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji (MSAF) had been working closely with organisations and even government ministry in creating awareness on safety at sea.

One of those awareness outreach was a two-week training conducted at Narewa Village in Ra where 31 youths were taught the skills needed to be a certified boat master.

According to the Ministry of Youth and Sports the 31 participants completed the course equipped with basic sea safety certification Class Six Restricted Training which allowed them to operate in limited coastal areas.

MSAF trainer Noa Gadekimerika said one of the most common problems among seafarers in the country was the lack of knowledge and skills when they encounted problems out at sea.

“These training programs addresses the youths by providing the necessary knowledge for those wishing to commence a profession at sea,” he said.

“It upskills our youths and creates awareness on what to do when faced with a situation at sea. “We have been carrying out this training in the Western Division and our partnership with the Ministry of Youth and Sports has seen youths in the province trained on the basic skills which will allow one to attain a Boat Master certification with Class Six restricted licence” he said.

“I sincerely thank the ministry for organising the training for us,” Nunia Kawa of Namuaimada Village said.

“The training will enable me to know more about operating a boat especially when I go fishing since I am a fisherwoman.”

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