Safe haven for yachts

SOME international yacht owners are choosing to remain berthed in Fiji even during the cyclone season.

And according to Vuda Marina general manager and CEO Adam Wade, this was because of the confidence they had in the marina as a recognised cyclone shelter.

“Most people have insurance on their yachts and at the start of the cyclone season, insurance companies do not allow them to stay in Fiji,” Mr Wade said.

“So the yachties go to New Zealand or the Marshall Islands.

“This has changed since we have become recognised as a cyclone shelter.

“There are a lot of design features about this marina that was specifically done to make sure that we provide safe shelter during cyclones.

“Things like the channel being 25m wide; any swell that comes in the marina comes through that channel. The curve feature in the marina is actually called the spending basin.

“The swell comes in through the narrow 25m channel and opens up as it enters the basin.

“As it opens up, it loses all of its energy.

“We have done everything to mitigate the swell side effects.”

He said they were in the process of marketing the cyclone-resistant marina overseas.

“Previously, it used to be really quiet during cyclone season but now that we’ve done a good job of marketing it, we are as full in cyclone season as well as sailing season.”

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