Sabha encourages youths to join politics

SINCE youths are the future leaders, the Arya Pratinidhi Sabha of Fiji is encouraging the youths in the country to engage in politics.

The Sabha’s media relations officer, Kamlesh Arya, said the organisation had no reservations on youths’ engagement in decision making in the country as their participation would lead to taking ownership of the decisions made.

“Politics refers to governance based on ideologies. There is social governance as well where leadership and promotion of ideology is involved. This requires the engagement of youths both in the political and social arenas,” Mr Arya said.

“Youths always have been important to a country’s future. They are equally important to the future of a social organisation as tomorrow would be theirs. For both these situations, our youth can not be an exception.”

He said all the seniors at political as well social levels had done enough to get youths engaged, but what has been observed was that youths lacked show of sustained commitment.

“Political parties and social organisations have had and will continue to have youth wings, but the wings often stagnate and become meaningless because of their inaction,” he said.

On women’s involvement in politics, he said one of the principle positions of the Sabha had been the empowerment of women.

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