Rural dwellers trained to build durable homes

IN an effort to make rural houses resilient to cyclones, Government has started equipping rural dwellers with skills and techniques to construct quality and durable homes. When closing the Rural Carpenters Training program, divisional planning officer North Uraia Rainima said the program was also aimed at addressing a demand for carpenters outside urban areas. Mr Rainima said the Government’s intention was to increase the ability of homes to withstand extreme weather events. “Many of the participants have had some experience in construction. This training is meant to cement techniques and skills that will encourage ‘build back better’ techniques,” Mr Rainima said. “This technique refers to the incorporation of disaster risk reduction measures into the restoration of physical infrastructure, social systems, the environment and the economy after a disaster.” Meanwhile, rural housing program manager Joji Waqamailau said they had incorporated disaster risk reduction measures into the restoration of dwelling places, teaching participants simple tips such as strapping along joints, bracing for the roofing structure or extra nailing for cyclone-proof purposes.

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