Rural communities request parliament education

Women of Nadroga-Navosa during the Parliament Bus programs held last week. Picture: Supplied

RURAL dwellers are requesting for more parliament education programmes to better understand the institution.

This after women of Nadroga-Navosa raise this with the Parliament outreach team who were conducting the Parliament Bus programs last week.

Iliseva Nakai spoke on behalf of the villagers and said those living in rural areas were not able to visit parliament or watch live sittings on television.

“Due to our geographical location, most of us hardly come to the main centers, let alone have access to electricity and these are some of the reasons why we don’t know about Parliament,” she said.

“We don’t even understand about what happens in Parliament and because of this, most of us continue with their normal lives daily in their respective villages, paying less attention to the proceedings in Parliament.”

Ms Nakai added through the programme they were able to learn about the roles of parliament.

“But now, following this programme, we are so fortunate to have been enlightened for the first time about the roles and functions of Parliament and how we can engage with the institution and other important information,” she said.

Village Headmen Mosese Gere said Members of the parliament need to frequently pay visits to rural dwellers.

“Some of us don’t even know all the Members of Parliament and how we can engage with them to ensure our voices are heard,” said Mr Gere.

“We are remotely-located and it’s difficult for most of us to visit Parliament. If the MPs can visit us every once in a while, this would really mean a lot to us.”



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