Rule affects men’s team

TEAM Fiji table tennis players Vicky Wu and Phillip Wing won’t compete in the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia.

Coach Anthony Ho revealed this saying that in order for Fiji to compete, it should have more than two players.

“The men cannot play because we need more than two players,” Ho said.

“We brought two with the expectation that they can play the five games and have a chance to win.

“They are Vicky Wu and Phillip Wing, our number one player.

“They are disappointed because they wanted to play as many matches as they can.

“This is the Commonwealth Games and this is a chance to not only play our Pacific friends, but the best in the Commonwealth. That way we can gauge our development back home.”

Meanwhile, the women’s team fared well against Commonwealth number one Singapore in their first match on Thursday night.

Singapore pulled away in the end after the Fiji team of Sally Yee and Caroline Lee surprised everyone when they won the second set.

Singapore won 11-3 in the first set, lost to Fiji 7-11 in the second, but returned strongly in the third and fourth sets to win 11-1, 11-6.

“Good result,” Ho said.

“It was not a big win by Singapore. When our girls won the second set, Singapore players were upset.

“They did not expect to have a hard time against our girls.

“The girls shied away a bit because they were playing against their idols who are world-rated players.

“Singapore is the gold medal favourite in the games.

“The match was a trial by fire for our girls,” Ho said.

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