Rugby officials pay their last respects

OFFICIALS of the Fijj Secondary School Rugby Union visited the families of the victims of the Nabou accident last week.

The traditional reguregu on behalf of secondary schools in Fiji and players who participated in the competition was organised by the FSSRU officials and Deans competition major sponsor Powerade.

They visited the crash site last Thursday before they presented their reguregu at Sikituru and Yavusania villages to remember the students of Ratu Navula College who lost their lives in the tragic accident.

The officials collected cash for the victims’ families to assist them with the funeral arrangements and other costs.

Eastern zone president Solomone Seru said, the trip to the west was an emotional one thinking of the families of the victims and their hardships.

“Our traditional reguregu trip was on behalf of the permanent secretary of education, principals of all schools in Fiji and all the players that were registered in the Deans nationals and zonal competitions,” Seru said.

“We pray that the Almighty will find peace in the families and their loved ones at this grieving moment they are going through.

The officials spent two days in Nadi before making their way back to Suva last Friday for the Deans final.

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