Rugby 7s probe

POLICE investigations on the Navakawau Rugby sevens are still unclear as victims have not heard from police.

Fiji sevens rugby rep Pio Tuwai and his First Landing team from the West who lodged a complaint against the organiser of the Navakawau sevens tournament last month still hasn’t heard anything from the organiser after that tournament.

They won the tournament after defeating Yamacia 35-19 at Subrail Park in Labasa last month.

In an interview, Tuwai said he had not heard from the organiser nor had they received the rest of their $3000 prizemoney from winning that tournament.

“We went through a tough time as a team last month when we did not receive our full prizemoney but that did not deter us from playing and achieving our goal,” he said.

Tuwai was in Labasa over the weekend and participated at the Christian Mission Fellowship International 7s held at Subrail Park.

Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro said investigations into the case were still continuing.

“We are still investigating and right now I haven’t heard from the northern police.”

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