Rubbish affects drainage system

HEAVY rain over most parts of Korovuto in Nadi have caused rubbish dumped unscrupulously by residents to be swept downstream of the settlement.

Over the past few days, litter swept downstream by floodwaters blocked drainage systems and resulted in flooding in Korovuto.

Advisory councillor Sunil Sharma said with close to eight settlements in the Korovuto area, drainage was a major problem for the 6000 people who lived there.

“The rubbish makes things worse for us,” he said.

“For instance, in Matavouvou settlement, residents have to wade through floodwaters in their yard because their drains are blocked.

“They have to clear out the rubbish from the drains for the water to drain out.”

He said the settlement did not have a proper waste management system.

“We don’t get rubbish collected from our homes and we don’t have rubbish bins where we can dispose our rubbish.

“I think we need more awareness on this issue because it gives rise to more problems.”

Mr Sharma said he hoped to begin an anti-litter campaign within the community.

“It’s not easy because most will have their own opinions about this problem but I hope to work with the residents in starting a rubbish disposal program.

“There is a need for residents to learn about proper disposal. We live outside of the town boundary so we don’t get rubbish collected from our homes.

“This is why we want to start an awareness drive just to encourage our residents to dispose their litter properly.”

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