Rt Navula U18 rugger grieve for his cousins

Sakiasi Radibi (middle) breaks into tears as the news is delivered to him by his father Taitusi Saukuru (right) and mother Adi Kelera Ulubatiki. Picture: ROHIT DEO

RATU Navula College’s Sakeasi Radibi ran onto the ANZ Stadiumin Suva yesterday not knowing that two of his closest cousins, whom he considered as his brothers, were victims of a road accident that claimed six lives at Nabou, Nadroga.

In fact, the last time he met his two cousins was after their quarter-final win over John Wesley College in the Powerade Super Deans Rugby championship in Suva last week.

Before departing Nadi early yesterday morning, his two cousins Sanaiala Navuadrau Ruitoka and Atilai Ruitoka called Radidi’s parents to inform them that they were enroute to Suva to cheer on Radibi.

“One of our relatives called us to inform us that Sanaila and Atilai were victims of that accident. We talked to each other and we agreed not to inform Sake, because we did not want it to affect his game,” said Pastor Taitusi Saukuru while trying to console his son.

“They were really close, they did everything together. Many times the two boys would come home and they would be enjoy their time as is normal for all boys in the family.

“This has come as a real shock not only to our son but to all of us as family, because I consider them as my own sons,” said Radibi’s mother Adi Kelera Ulubatiki in an emotional interview.

When Radibi was relayed the unfortunate news, the Yavusania, Nadi lad broke down in tears, knowing he would have to return home without the presence of his two loyal fans – his brothers.

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