RSIPF patrol boats most active in Pacific

RSIPF Patrol boat Auki. Picture: Australian High Commission

HONIARA, (SOLOMON STAR) – Solomon Islands Police chief Matthew Varley has described police patrol boats as amongst the most active in the region.

“Our patrols boats are one of the most active in the Pacific region,” Varley said.

“Our crews did a fantastic job.”

He said the patrol boats Lata and Auki have been at sea for more than 110 sea days of patrolling conducted so far this year, in just six months.

Varley added that they boarded about 22/25 foreign fishing vessels in our waters.

He said they have also carried out a range of fisheries and security patrols.

One of the recent security patrols was done at the Border area.

“We work closely with the Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA) but also from time to time we also intercepted any other suspicious vessels that might be passing through Solomon Islands waters.

“The boats not armed and have not been armed for many years,” Varley said in response to a question asked by a journalist if the boats were armed.

“However, what we are doing and doing regularly is increasing the training between the Maritime crews and the Police Response Team (PRT).

“……so that the PRT team is often on board the vessel as part of the armed capability programme for the RSIPF.

Patrol Boats Lata and Auki are more than 30 years old.

They have been in service since the 1980s.

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