Rova crowned Water Lily Queen; Bicinivalu is Water Lily Princess

The winners...Miss Water Lily 2018 Lomani Rova (middle), first runner-up Litia Tikoca (left) and second runner-up Tokasa Narube of Aci Cakobau School after the crowning of the Miss ACS Water Lily Pageant at the school this afternoon. Picture: RAMA

DESPITE the rain, the Sawani school ground was today full of colours as students, alumnae and parents of Adi Cakobau School gathered to watch and be part of the 2018 Miss Water Lily Pageant.
School principal Arieta Yauvoli said the pageant was of great significance to the school because it provided a platform for students to develop their confidence and it was also a time for families to have some fun and spend quality time together.
Ms Yauvoli said during this event, parents and supporters of the school also assisted in raising funds to help in maintaining the school buildings.
Year 13 student Lomani Rova was crowned the Water Lily Queen while Year 10 student Salome Bicinivalu was crowned the Water Lily Princess.

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