Rotumans celebrate Pepjei Day

“PEPJEI Day is celebrated by all members of our district and is a way to promote and revive our Rotuman culture.”

These were the words of Pepjei Suva community president Francis Jone during an interview with Fiji Times Online earlier today.

Rotumans from the Pepjei district turned up in numbers and bright colours at the Marist Brothers High School Lambert Hall in Flagstaff to mark their special day.

Mr Jone said it was important for them to hold this event as it would ensure their younger generations learn not only the language but also their rich Rotuman culture.

“Most of our children grew up here in Fiji and abroad so this is a way to ensure that they learn about the Rotuman language and culture,” he said.

He said one of the main aims of the celebrations was also to support all the projects being carried out on the district in Rotuma.
Pepjei is one of the seven districts on the island of Rotuma and is made up of three groups Ujia, Uanheta and Avave.

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