Rotuma Day celebrations begin

Gerard Veresoni (left) and John Low shows the Yams that is on competition during the Rotuma day celebration at FMF Gymnasium yesterday. Picture: RAMA

THE 2019 Rotuma Day celebrations is a time to reflect on how the elders could pass on their skills and knowledge to the younger generation.

This was highlighted by the president of the Fiji Rotuma Association, Paserio Furivai during the two-day celebration which began yesterday at the FMF Gymnasium in Suva.

Mr Furivai said an important component for them to pass on to their children was the skills set their ancestors had followed.

“We are asking the Rotuman people to re-look at our own culture and look at some of the practices and the norms our ancestors have followed that make our world a better place to live in to look after our environment,” he said.

Mr Furivai is encouraging all Rotumans to not lose sight of their culture and their language.

“I wish every Rotuman wherever you are around the world, be proud to be a Rotuman. The Rotuma Day celebration continues today.

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