Role of MPs in promoting human rights

MPs during the briefing sessions on Human Rights for the Parliament's in Fiji held at the Pearl Resort in Pacific Harbour from August 13-15. Picture: SUPPLIED

PARLIAMENTS can be  the corner stones of national systems for human rights says regional representative of the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights Dr Chitralekha Massey.

Dr Massey highlighted this during the opening of the briefing session on Human Rights for the Parliamentarians in Fiji held today at the Pearl Resort in Pacific Harbour.

The briefing sessions is jointly convened by the UN OHCHR , United Nations Development Programme and the Parliament of Fiji.

Dr Massey said the role of parliamentarians in promoting human rights could be further enhanced.

“I encourage all the members of this workshop to consider how you can promote more proactive engagement with international and regional human rights mechanisms,” she said.

She also adds members of parliament were at the front line of implementation of human rights.

“Building strong partnerships with civil society groups will foster trust, raise awareness, and take action to improve the well-being of everyone.”

United Nations Development programme resident representative Levan Bouadze said the briefing sessions aimed to provide an overview of the of key human rights instruments and mechanisms at the international level.

“It will also explore synergies between parliaments and UN human rights mechanisms, all consistent with the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).”

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