Role of lawyers

ENFORCEMENT authorities should behave properly, says Chief Justice Anthony Gates.

Speaking to members of the Bench and Bar during the Fiji Law Society dinner last Friday in Suva, Justice Gates emphasised on the roles of lawyers.

“You have an immense role to play to see that the proper thing is done,” he said.

“Enforcement authorities should behave properly, you can play a part in that by having to get up at two o’clock in the morning from wherever it is to go down to Central Police Station to be with a person in need.”

He said lawyers had a role in ensuring that this was followed through.

Justice Gates also said preliminary work was also ongoing before the installation of video recordings in all the court rooms.

He said video recording of suspects in question and also court proceedings would add a sense of accountability.

“It will be a difficult business as we all have to be so correct in everything we say and it will all be available to the Appeal Courts as to what actually transpired,” Justice Gates said.

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