Rokoura: Fast 5 netball should be introduced into local competitions

Fiji Pearls head coach, Unaisi Rokoura speaks to her players before their Vodafone Netball World Cup Oceania Qualifier match at the Vodafone Arena in Suva on Saturday, July 23, 2022. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

Fiji Pearls coach Unaisi Rokoura hopes that Fast 5 netball be introduced into local competitions to boost players’ performance.

Rokoura said a Fast 5 training environment would boost the Fijian Pearls’ preparation for the World Cup in Cape Town next year.

Fast 5 is high tempo version of the normal netball game, featuring dynamic rule changes, including five players a side, shorter quarters, power plays, and super shots.

“It’s a very competitive game itself, our girls will really fit in well,” Rokoura said.

“For us, it will be a good opportunity for a pre-season leading to an opening competition and a good opportunity for us to showcase the toughness of the players.”

A match consists of four quarters each of six minutes playing duration, with an interval of one minute between the first-second and third-fourth quarters.

The half-time interval is three minutes.

Team change ends each quarter.

Each team has one quarter designated as a ‘Power Play quarter’.

In a Power Play quarter, all goals scored by that team receive double goal points.

A team consists of up to 10 players.

There are five playing positions in each team whose playing areas are the same as in Netball: Goal Shooter (GS), Goal Attack (GA), Centre (C), Goal Defence (GD), Goal Keeper (GK).

Rokoura said playing the Fast 5 had been a great advantage and experience for the players to try something different.

“It’s a different ballgame altogether, fast working on short plays and it brings out something different from our players.

“This is something that we’re taking into consideration leading up to a few of our competitions lined up at the end of the year.”

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