Roadworks stall as wet weather persists

WET weather in the Central Division has contributed to the stop-start nature of the Wainibokasi Rd upgrade and is also causing quality issues on the work.

Fiji Roads Authority program engineer Zaina Khan said contractors China Railway 5th had been asked to focus on weather issues.

“We are asking them to focus on keeping drainage clear, keeping the roads clean, keeping the cones clean, keeping residents away from all this mud and muck that is around so we want them to tidy that up,” Ms Khan said.

She said they were also committed to getting the quality of the tarmac right in spite of the wet conditions.

She added a larger working area on Wainibokasi Rd had been opened up to ease traffic problems.

“So we are working with them to cut down the working area and reduce the traffic delay there because it is affecting people going to Nausori, particularly the airport and then people going to work in the morning from all the areas feeding in from Wainibokasi Rd.”

On the Kinds Rd connecting Suva and Nausori, the congestion of underground infrastructure was causing issues as well.

Ms Khan said relocating utilities was the biggest challenge they faced with upgrading the stretch of road from Makoi to Omkar.

However, she said, much of that had been resolved.

“With projects like this where there is a lot of investigation needed to be done to work out these issues, put them together, it takes time.

“What we are working on is the busiest corridors as far as traffic goes, but also in Fiji these are the busiest corridors underneath the roads, and it’s taken quite some time in some areas to fix those details.”