Roads given the greenlight in the Central Division

THE Fiji Roads Authority has released the list of roads that are now open for use in the Central Division.

The roads were closed after heavy rain caused flooding in those areas.

The roads open are:

– Wainavida Crossing on Lutu Vuisiga Road
– Waima Crossing on Nakorosule Road
– Waiwatu Crossing on Navulokani Road
– Waioli Crossing on Nukuloa Road
– Matainasau Crossing on Wailoa Road
– Old Queens Road (Wainadoi)
– Nabukavesi Road
– Wainisusu 2 Bridge on Waiyanitu Road.

The roads that remain closed are:


– Waidradra Crossing on Vatulili Road – crossing flooded
– Nasi Crossing on Wailase Rd – crossing flooded


– Colata Crossing on Colata Farm Road – crossing flooded
– Bureiwai Crossing on Namarai Road – road wash out
– Saiyaro Crossing on Lofua Farm Road – approach wash out


– Waisomo Crossing on Nabukaluka Delailasakau Road – crossing flooded


– Matewale Crossing on Valley Road is OPEN to all traffic
– Rabaraba Crossing on Nasivikoso Road is closed due to flooding
– Multiple sections on Namoli Road is only open to 4WD due to scouring
– Red hill near Draubuta Road junction on Nakoro Road is open to 4WD due to scoring
– Ford crossing before Vunayawa and Naivibuli Village on Balenabelo Road closed due to flooding
– Ford crossing before Balenabelo Village on Balenabelo Road closed due to flooding.

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