Road to Rio

Gold in Rio will not be won by a team pulling a rabbit out of the hat. Nor will four hidden aces up your sleeves win you the pot.

All teams have their own styles of playing, each capable of obtaining successful outcomes.

London has proven that consistency, composure and passion ultimately pays off.

Consistency comes with peak physical fitness and adhering to a predetermined match plan.

Composure comes with discipline and mental fortitude.

Passion comes from the heart and determines the degree of intensity at which the game is played.

Fiji has a successful style of playing. Let’s not change that formula. Ben Ryan and the boys know this. Let’s just ramp up the consistency, composure and passion.

Obviously there will be opposition coaches that will seek to deprive Fiji, the top seed of the opportunity to play their natural game.

Negativity was never part of any winning formula. They do so at their own peril.

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