WOW did that actually happen??

David vs Goliath was the theme for the week.

And as such the game that followed ran in parallel to the biblical story.

Our little nation of Fiji against a top four, world class, tier one team full of genuine superstars couldn’t break the will of the Bati.

I used be scared about facing a countries war dance. I would often be intimidated and am not ashamed of saying that. Not that I would ever let it show but there was something inside that would feel a little intimidated.

This time was different and felt different after a little chat I had with Jarryd the night before…

We reviewed the video of the game. Effort on effort on effort. A great metaphor for a successful life.

Keep working until the job is done and has worked, then continue to work harder without losing focus or letting complacency in.

The last minute of the game was my favourite.

If you look at the frame on the screen, the longer the last minute wore on, there were more and more Bati in each frame. It showcased the desire and will of a team wanting to win.

I hope people that think they have the odds stacked against them take this and use it as fuel for their fire.

I believe that by most professionals’ view, they would have given us a 5 per cent or less chance of winning.

David was probably less. Where there is a will, there is a way. This week it is round two against David’s bigger and elder brother. The mighty Kangaroos.

Let’s have some more fun leading into battle once again against another giant.

Thank you all for the support none goes unnoticed.

For Viti!

Vinaka family!

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