Road to Glory

This is going to be fun.

And fierce.

Dad always told me to go and have fun. And if that means smashing or getting smashed for our country then that is what we will do.

We have never faced New Zealand before and I am both nervous and excited at the prospect. Fangirling a little here but I grew up watching the haka. Watching it had a profound effect on why I wanted to play any form of rugby. Spine tingling now remembering to being a kid and wishing it was I, facing off against them. Now we get the opportunity to be on the receiving end of the Maori challenge. Plenty of key matchups among both teams.

Captain’s run is done.

The training session was a little bumpy at times due to nerves I feel. The Cake Tin — the home of the Super Rugby team Hurricanes is the battleground. The Bati is ready once again to lay down their lives for our family in Fiji. We see and hear all the messages of support and are thankful and grateful for all of your support.

We saw some of the Kiwi boys in their hotel as we drove past on the way to captain’s run this morning (yesterday).

I personally don’t like seeing the opposition the week before the game so avoided them at all costs. An old rule I had to use after a big hiding from a team one day that lulled us all into a false sense of security then slaughtered us (It was Kane Evans’ Newtown team).

The ogre Mark O’Meley put the rule in place there and then as well as many other useful tools. Don’t talk to the other team before the game. Doesn’t basically affect the outcome but hopefully eliminate the chance of the event happening.

A local school group performed a moving haka yesterday morning to welcome and wish us well for the game of which we reciprocated with the song, E da sa qaqa (my favourite) As always everybody loved it.

I love how Maori culture is so present and embraced in New Zealand.

The rest of the day will be to rest, stretch and get some good movement work in before the game.

On to another world cup quarter-final!

How good it is.

Can’t wait.


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