Road situation: Some roads remain closed

SOME roads remain closed as wet weather conditions continue to be experienced around the country.

According to the Fiji Roads Authority (FRA), the Wainiogai Crossing on Sawanikula Bukunivatu Road and Colata Cocoa Crossing on Colata Cocoa Road are closed in the Central Division.

The Qelemumu Crossing on Qelemumu Road and Sevaci Crossing on Nayarabale/Sevaci Road are closed in the Northern Division.

Koro Circular Road from Kade to Navaga is closed in the Eastern Division.

The Western Division sees the Burelevu Crossing on Nailuva Road, Nausori Crossing on Nausori Road, Navuniyamunu Crossing on Ganilau Road (open to 4WD) and Burewai Crossing on Nakorotubu (Namarai Coastal Road) open to 4WD only.

Morotists are continued to be advised not to drive into water of unknown depth and current because it can be life-threatening.

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