Road signs

I am writing to the concerned authorities on issues about poor road signs along the highway of Lautoka City.

As I was driving down from Saweni to Lautoka, it caught my attention when I was following the road signs along the way. As I reached Wairabetia junction, I saw the speed limit of 80km/hr zone, about 400 metres away from the sign is a hump with no “reduce speed limit”.

In my opinion, there should be a speed sign along the corridor and I strongly suggest that FRA should uplift their standard in ensuring the safety of the pedestrian.

On the contrary, as I was approaching Natabua junction, this is a busy highway, I could not see any speed sign. Further down the road when I approached the Navutu roundabout, I finally saw the speed limit decrease to 60km/hr, at the back of the sign it was written 80km/hr. Along the highway from Navutu to Wairabetia junction it’s a full 80km/hr.

However, most drivers are driving that distance of 40km/hr-50km/hr, no doubt there is an increase in road accidents. I believe this shows that the concerned authorities are not aware of these issues. It is high time the concerned authorities and Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) are vigilant.

It is disappointing to see that LTA are more concerned about booking vehicles but are not aware of the failure of road signs. I strongly urge concerned authorities to take note of the following cases of poor planning of road signs since it could be one of the causes of road accidents. It is time to work together to reduce the number of accidents.

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