Road congestion

Last week, I attended a funeral service for a relative of mine for the first time at the Methodist Centenary Church in Suva and got to witness first-hand the massive car jam on a Friday in Suva City. Now there were those travelling into Suva and there were those looking for parking and I must commend the men and women in blue for their effort in trying to keep some order on our roads.

But what I noticed were some empty lots that weren’t being used and wondered to myself, what if the big wigs converted these empty lots into car parks, like the civic car park and give a good rate, thus easing up the congestion on our streets in the city.

Another option is the vacant land beside Garden City, convert that into a car park and provide a shuttle service into the city, so as not to congest the main arteries into the city and at the same time making some money for the SCC.

But hey what do I know, right? I’m just the common man who has to suffer the long drive in the queue every day.

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