Road congestion

THE Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) has identified that traffic management also contributed to the congestion of vehicles on roads around the country.

FRA’s chief executive officer Jonathan Moore said the contractors responsible for managing the traffic on the roads under the requirements were to have a qualified and capable flagman who directed traffic while works were being carried out.

“This is a very concerning issue on the roads now. We have called in the contractors for a meeting to emphasise on this and we are going to have discussions on certain issues as well which needs to be tightened up,” he said.

Mr Moore said FRA had an internal traffic management engineer who made sure the training was conducted appropriately for the workers on the road sites.

“It is a very serious job, and if you don’t do it right, you can cause more trouble on the roads,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Moore said FRA carried out only certain works during night time.

“The first reason is that the efficiency drops during night times and secondly, certain works couldn’t be carried out after rainy weather,” he said.

FRA, he said, would continue work in the off-peak hours to complete projects.

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