Road closures, public urged to remain vigilant

SEVERAL roads remain closed in the central, western and northern divisions as of this morning due to flooding.

A situation report issued by the Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) as of 8am today stated that 10 roads remain closed in the Central Division, two in the Northern Division and two in the Western Division.

FRA also warned that if heavy rain continued, Kings Rd at Korovou would get flooded by midday today.

“We are urging the public to remain vigilant, tune into the local radio and listen to the advice of the emergency services,” the advisory stated.

“Motorists are advised to please keep a safe following distance, avoid speeding and avoid areas with water over the road.”


10 roads closed in the Central Division:

  • Waidradra Crossing, Vatulili Road, Naqali
  • Naivoco Crossing, Naivoco Road, Korovou
  • Waiwatu Crossing, Navulokani Road, Naqali
  • Waimalua Crossing, Nawiwaivusa Road, Korovou
  • Colata Cocoa Crossing, Colata Cocoa Road, Korovou
  • Naboro Cocoa Crossing, Naboro Cocoa Road, Korovou
  • Wairua Crossing, Wairua Settlement, Korovou
  • Nakorovou Crossing, Navunisole Road, Korovou
  • Wainiuraura Crossing, Waidawara Road
  • Waisa Crossing, Nasaibitu Road in Tailevu


2 roads closed in the Northern Division:

  • Daria Bridge on Nabouwalu Road in Natua
  • Kilaka Bridge on Kubulau Peninsular in Savusavu


2 roads closed in the Western Division:

  • Savusavu Crossing in Rakiraki
  • Burelevu Crossing in Rakiraki


Road status in Rakiraki:

Waimari and Katudrau Road – surface flooding – partially Open

Narara Road – surface flooding


The FRA is closely monitoring the situation of the roads in all divisions.

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