Ro Teimumu addresses annual contributions

Youths of Waivou village perform a traditional i-taukei dance during the opening of the Rewa Provincial Council meeting at Burebasaga village yesterday.Picture ATU RASEA

REWA paramount chief, Marama Bale na Roko Tui Dreketi Ro Teimumu Kepa has raised concerns about the contributions given by different villages annually during their “soli ni yasana” (provincial levy). She highlighted the issue during the Rewa Provincial Council meeting at Burebasaga Village in Rewa yesterday.

She said the soli provided assistance to the provincial council to help fulfil its responsibility of looking after the province.

Ro Teimumu said the province recorded a shortfall of almost $69,000 last year.

“This year, we will really need to step up and meet our target which is given to every village,” she said.

“Our soli ni yasana is undertaken and it’s an obligation by the people of the various provinces — in this case it’s Rewa. “We have that every year and that soli provides assistance for the provincial council to be able to fulfil its responsibilities in its core functions which is to look after the province.”

Ro Teimumu said this year they would really need to step up and meet their target that was assigned to every village within the province.

“We were very relaxed, only 29 per cent gave the last time and 71 per cent did not. “We ask the assistance of our people who live in cities and towns; we are looking at them to assist us. “Most of the people living in the village are unemployed and we don’t have many economic activities,” Ro Teimumu added.

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