RKSOB support for event march

RATU Kadavulevu School Old Boys participation in the Movember event on Saturday marks the first time a male group has shown support for the event organised by the Fiji Cancer Society Western Support Group.

Group campaign co-ordinator Milika Marshall said they hoped their participation would be a message to others to actively participate in awareness programs for Fiji.

“Hopefully, through this, more people can talk about it,” she said.

“For men, talking about prostate cancers is not something they can visibly share.

“They aren’t like women who can share over a cup of tea. I think it’s more difficult for them (men).”

Ms Marshall said many considered the ailment as a sensitive subject.

“It shouldn’t be a sensitive issue. It’s difficult trying to get males to talk about it and difficult as well to have them get checked.

“But it’s their life and if they value their life they need to go get checked.”

Organisers hope to raise more awareness on prostate cancer.

The march on Saturday will begin from the old Anupam Theatre and end at Shirley Park.

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