RKS celebrates – Webb Ellis Cup visits Lodoni

Ratu Kadavulevu School students in warriors costume escort Rugby World Cup trophy tour rep Lisa Hampton conciding with the school's celebration at the school ground in Tailevu on Saturday, May 19, 2018. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

THE Webb Ellis Cup was at Ratu Kadvulevu school for their grand sports 2018 celebration.
Escorted by the World Rugby trophy team, it made its maiden voyage to Lodoni before it departed the country.

Team official Lisa Hampton congratulated the teams of Delainakaikai for their achievement and reminded the players to work extra hard.

“You are all fortunate to have the chance to see the prestiguous trophy,” she said.

“I hope that having the trophy here will inspire you all on the rugby field. “Carry on with your training and enjoy all your games.”

Hampton added that if they wanted to become successful rugby players, they needed to work hard.

Meanwhile, assistant principal Walesi Soqoiwasa said the celebration marked the achievement of players and their manages over the past four years.

“Hard work, sacrifice and dedication have paid off and I would like to thank the players, former students and parents for supporting our boys.”

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