Risky behaviour affects performance

ABOUT 1796 offences were committed by secondary and primary school students last year.

Education Minister Dr Mahendra Reddy revealed this while launching the Ministry’s education reforms pillar four at Rishikul Sanatan College in Nasinu last night.

He said the statistics were taken from the 2015 National Substance Abuse and Advisory Council report based on evaluation forms submitted by 300 primary schools and 100 secondary schools last year.

“These children are engaging in risky behaviour for instance failing to attend school regularly, late arrival to school and classes, truancy, disruptive behaviour in class, bullying, consumption of alcohol/kava/tobacco/drugs, engaging in sexual activities, teenage pregnancies, showing disrespect to parents/teachers/elders and vandalism,” Dr Reddy said.

He confirmed the establishing patterns of behaviour affected students’ overall performance at school.

Dr Reedy said parents, teachers and the ministry should work hand in hand to address the issue.

“Establishing a stronger and enduring partnership by enhancing protective factors in the lives of children will help them avoid getting into risky behaviour, which will be detrimental to their educational progress, personal, social and mental health,” he said.

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