Risk management

DISTRICT representatives on Vanua Levu will now be able to identify the various risks associated with any developments in their respective districts.

The district representatives were informed of these risks during the risk informed development training held at the Commissioner Northern’s office early this week.

The training is an initiative of the UNDP’s Pacific Risk Resilience Program and was facilitated by Live and Learn Environmental Education, in partnership with the Government.

Disaster risk reduction officer, Jiuta Waqavonovono said the training would allow all district representatives to identify and understand the different risks before any developments in their respective villages and districts.

“There are different risks that needs to be identified and they are social risks, climate change risks, disaster risks and economic risks,” he said.

Mr Waqavonovono said it was important to know about all those risks so that they would have a better knowledge of how relief was provided.

“It is the way in which we practise development and if development is not risk-informed or not informed enough about disaster, then it is not sustainable,” he said.

“This is not an issue for disaster or climate change practitioners; this is an issue for all people involved in development from Government to the private sector, right through to the communities.”

Macuata District representative Mosese Dovibua said they were glad for the training.

“This training has enlightened us with the risks of developments and we are thankful that this will help us know more of what to do before going ahead with any developments or projects in our respective district,” he said.

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