Risk management critical to planning

Minister for Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations Jone Usamate. Picture: FT FILE

MANAGING risks is a critical part of our planning to enable us to be resilient and to bounce back very quickly when challenged with risks.

Minister for Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations Jone Usamate said this in his address while launching the ministry’s five-year development 2018-2022 and Operational Plan 2018-2019.

Mr Usamate said the ministry needed to keep in mind that an effective plan required risk management and strategies to properly manage future events.

He hopes that both the five-year strategic plan and the operational plan would become the platform for effective sustainable planning not only for planning but for execution and for improvements.

“Both these plans have been aligned to the Fijian Government’s 20-year strategic development plan, as well as anticipating the global labour market dynamics over the next five years.

“Our operational plan will see more emphasis towards not only data collection but converting that data into information and to knowledge, which we can use to review our policies and improve our performance,” Mr Usamate said.

He said the ministry’s five-year strategic plan incorporated their strategic areas of intervention while maximising the benefits from the global labour market dynamics.

“As we talk about planning, plans and execution, customer service and improvements is also important to remain relevant and sustainable.”

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