Rise to the top

Nehal Kumar posing for a photo in Lautoka City. Picture: NAVNESH REDDY

Young billionaires like Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg continue to prove to the world that even with little business expertise one could still be part of game-changing business empire. That same youthful drive is what keeps Nehal Shavnit Kumar’s business dream alive.

At only 22 years of age, Kumar heads a construction company — NK Construction, which was founded by his dad during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now Kumar is ready to take what his old man started to greater heights and nothing will hold him back.

“We had set up this construction business just last year and we are amazed by the achievements we’ve accomplished so far.

“We started gaining momentum once the pandemic’s peak phase was over. Now we have started a lot of projects all over the country,” he said.

Kumar currently has 40 staff’ members working for the company on full-time basis. He didn’t go far in school but his journey proves that one doesn’t need an education to be successful in life.

“I only studied until Year 12 and joined my dad in the construction business. But my father has groomed me well. He taught me everything I needed to run a successful business.”

The Lautoka resident said his journey was underpinned by strong will and determination.

“When I left school, I had no clear direction in life nor any proper employment, but now I am a more confident person and I thank God and my parents for guiding me well.”

He said social media played a key role in enhancing the profile of the family’s business. But nothing was more important than working diligently.

“I realised from a very a young age that to progress in life, I need to have a positive-minded circle of friends. When you are running your own business, you are your own boss and most importantly you should do things diligently and with honestly.”

In the future, Kumar hopes to further expand the construction business that his father has handed over to him.

“We currently specialise in general construction works and home renovation but I have plans on how I want to grow this business.”

Kumar said his father was his role model and inspiration in life.

“He is like my guru, as I have learnt how to be humble, hardworking and be motivated from my dad.”

Kumar’s advice to budding entrepreneurs is to make prudent business decisions and follow them. In his spare time, he likes to unwind by reading and playing football.

He lives with his family in Kashmir, Lautoka.

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